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No one wants to deal with a plumbing emergency. Not only are they a major inconvenience, but they can also be quite costly to repair. The good news is that many plumbing emergencies are avoidable if you take some basic precautions. This article will discuss common things and actions that can cause avoidable plumbing emergencies.

Debris Build-up in Pipes

A plumbing emergency can strike anytime and often when you least expect it. One of the most common causes of plumbing emergencies is debris build-up in pipes. While a small amount of debris in your pipes is normal, too much can cause serious problems. Debris can build up over time and eventually block the flow of water. Debris can come from various sources, including soap scum, hair, food scraps, sand, and grit. Over time, this debris can accumulate and cause a blockage in your pipes. This can lead to water backing up in your sink, tub, or toilet or even cause your pipes to burst.

While you may not be able to avoid debris build-up in your pipes completely, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk. For example, hire a plumber in Golden Valley, AZ to regularly clean drains and traps. You should also avoid putting grease, coffee grounds, and eggshells down the drain. These simple steps can help reduce the likelihood of calling a plumber due to an emergency caused by debris build-up in your pipes.

Improper Installation

Another element that can cause plumbing emergencies is improper installation. However, this is something that homeowners have control over. When you have new plumbing installed, it is important to ensure it is done properly. This means hiring a licensed and experienced plumber. It also means ensuring the plumbing meets all local codes and regulations. In addition, proper installation includes using the right materials for the job.

For example, when installing new pipes, use the right type of pipe for the job. This will help ensure that your plumbing is installed properly and will help avoid any future problems. Even when you are doing a minor repair, such as fixing a leaky faucet, you should hire a professional plumber to do the job. This will help ensure the repair is done properly and help avoid any future issues.

Failing to Pump Septic Tank Regularly

A septic tank that has backed up into a home is one of the emergency situations that plumbers are called to most often. This can be a very messy and costly problem to clean up. However, this can also be avoided by pumping your septic tank regularly. Septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years, depending on the tank size and the number of people in your household. Pumping your septic tank more often may be necessary if you have a large household or if many people use the septic system. Hiring a plumber to pump your septic tank regularly can help avoid an emergency and the costly cleanup that comes with it.

Neglecting the Water Heater

When was the last time you had your water heater serviced? If you can’t remember, then it’s probably been too long. Like any other home appliance, your water heater needs to be serviced regularly. Neglecting to do so can lead to various problems, including leaks, explosions, and even fires. Water heaters should be serviced at least once a year and more often if used frequently. Servicing your water heater includes flushing the tank to remove sediment, checking the anode rod, and testing the pressure relief valve. The cost of hiring a plumber in Golden Valley, AZ to service your water heater is much less than how much you will incur when you have a full-blown emergency.

Hanging Things from Exposed Pipes

One of the most avoidable things that can cause plumbing emergencies is hanging things from exposed pipes. This can be anything from laundry to ropes and even hoses. The weight of the objects can cause the pipes to bend or break, which in turn will cause leaks. In addition, the objects can rub against the pipes and create friction that weakens the pipes over time. When this happens, it is only a matter of time before a plumbing emergency strikes. So if you have any exposed pipes in your home, keep them clear of any objects that could damage them. It is something simple yet can save you from calling an emergency plumber.

Running the Garbage Disposal Without Water

Most people know running the garbage disposal without water can cause problems, but they do it anyway. Why? Probably because they don’t think about the long-term effects of their actions. Yes, it’s easy to turn on the garbage disposal and dispose of your food scraps without thinking about what happens next. But you may not realize that running the garbage disposal without water can cause plumbing emergencies.

When you run the garbage disposal without water, the blades can become damaged. These blades are designed to chop up food scraps so they can easily flush down the drain. However, they cannot properly chop up the food when they become damaged, leading to clogs. When clogs form, they can block the flow of water, causing a plumbing emergency.

So, think twice the next time you’re tempted to run the garbage disposal without water. An emergency plumber costs more than the few seconds you try to save by running your garbage disposal without water.

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