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Outdoor plumbing jobs can range from minor to extensive. But when it comes to any plumbing-related task, it’s always best to hire a professional plumber. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County serves Kingman, AZ with our team of experienced plumbing professionals. We have a reputation for expertise and fair pricing. Our plumbing technicians are certified and dedicated to providing our customers with the best service. Whether you need an outdoor water spigot repaired, a new fountain hooked up on your patio, or outdoor drain cleaning, you can count on us.

Outdoor Plumbing Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County can provide a wide array of outdoor plumbing solutions for residents of Kingman, AZ. Just as you’d call a plumber to repair an indoor leak or broken pipe, you can rely on us to tackle your outdoor plumbing maintenance, repairs, and installation needs such as:

Outdoor Spigots

Hose hookups are notorious for developing leaks. You definitely don’t want to waste water, and even though the water in our climate tends to evaporate quickly, it’s not always quick enough. Water that pools around the foundation of your home is not good for it. The water can seep into cracks and attracts unwanted pests. A leaky spigot can also raise your water bill.

Generally, this type of problem is caused by the constant jerking motion of a hose. If you use your hose frequently to water plants or clean off your pavement or patio, pulling on the hose can cause your hose connection to develop a leak over time. We can send a plumber to your home to quickly fix this type of plumbing problem.

If your outdoor spigot is faulty, we can replace it with a new one. In some cases, you might want to install a second one for your home. We always use quality parts and products when serving our customers. You can expect your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County plumber to stand by the quality of their work.

Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

If you have an outdoor kitchen or bar, it can develop the same types of plumbing issues as its indoor counterparts do. If you have an outdoor sink, you may need leak repair at some point. A leaking pipe, as mentioned above, can attract pests and cause your water bill to spike. If your outdoor sink develops a clog, a plumber from our team can clear it quickly. If the issue involves a more in-depth fix like replacing a pipe, we can tackle that type of work too.

Outdoor pipes are subject to various types of threats. For instance, an animal may have been drawn by the smell of food and might have damaged your pipe in the night. A plumber from our company will be able to evaluate the issue and recommend the ideal fix. Once we understand the nature of the repair to be performed, we can provide you with an upfront cost for our work.

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen or bar and would like one, we can manage the plumbing installation of your project. An outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your Kingman, AZ home. You can also enjoy your outdoor space with a patio kitchen or bar. From the pipes to the fixtures, our plumber will manage the job with the expertise our company is known for.


If you have an outdoor sprinkler system and it’s developed a problem, you can contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County for prompt service. It’s not uncommon for the pipes of an underground sprinkler system to develop cracks and leaks. Also, sprinkler heads and other parts can fail over time. Customers don’t always know exactly what’s wrong with their system, and that’s okay. If you suspect that your sprinkler system has developed a problem, you can contact us for service. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and recommend the ideal solution.

Outdoor Water Features

An outdoor water feature can enhance your landscape with a tranquil ambiance. However, hooking up even a small fountain can be a headache if you aren’t a trained plumber. We provide installation services for these types of outdoor features. We can install the fittings needed for your cascades or fountains. If you haven’t already purchased a model, you can consult with one of our plumbing pros about some of the most eco-friendly water features on the market today.

In addition, if your water feature develops a problem, we can address the plumbing aspects of the issue. A broken pipe can lead to a serious leak. We can quickly assess the problem with your outdoor feature and provide the right fix–and always for a fair price.

Drain Cleaning

Outdoor drain cleaning is another service our company offers. Outdoor drains can become clogged with debris. The debris can attract pests like rodents, snakes, and insects. Some customers contact us for annual drain cleaning, but you may not need your drains cleaned as frequently. If you’re experiencing any sewer line issues like wastewater backup, it’s important to let a plumber from our team address it quickly.

Often, these issues are caused by clogs in the underground pipe. Until the clog is removed, the plumbing system can’t be used or more backup is likely to occur. Sometimes this issue is caused by a broken pipe. Either way, you’ll need an experienced plumbing technician to address the situation. With outdoor drain cleaning, you may be able to reduce the occurrence of these types of backup situations.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County if you need outdoor plumbing solutions or, of course, indoor plumbing services. You can always expect quality service and fair pricing when you hire us for the job. We look forward to hearing from you.

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