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The water heater is one of the most essential components of residential plumbing systems in Bullhead City, AZ. Although you rarely think about it, this device is designed to ensure you have a dependable, constant supply of hot water in your house. Therefore, it is due to your water heater that you do not need to use icy water, which can be quite ineffective if used for cleaning. Unfortunately, your water heater, like many other electromechanical appliances, is not meant to serve you for a lifetime. Indeed, the lifespan of modern water heaters ranges between ten and fifteen years, and therefore, there will come a time you will run into issues that will compel you to replace your water heater. But what exactly can make it necessary for you to start considering a water heater replacement? Below is a rundown of some telltale signs that should prompt you to start talking to a water heater replacement service about the need to get a new water heater.

Your Water Heater Is Too Old

As mentioned earlier, even if your water heater seems to be working perfectly, age will catch up with it. The average lifespan of a water heater is 10 to 15 years. Of course, your water heater will not abruptly stop working on the day it turns fifteen. However, around this time, it might start developing issues that might make it too expensive to operate and maintain. For instance, its parts might wear out more rapidly, and its efficiency might decline significantly, pushing your energy bills high.

There’s a better option than waiting for such problems. You’ll want to start preparing yourself for a water heater replacement when you learn that your water heater is over a decade old. Timely water heater replacement can save you a lot of money and help you avoid inconveniences associated with old water heaters. Besides, even if your water heater is yet to start giving you a hard time, preparing yourself early should give you adequate time to shop around and budget accordingly. If you don’t know when your water heater was installed, checking its serial number might give you an idea of when it was manufactured. If you can’t decipher its age from the serial number, you can ask your plumber to guide you.

Your Water Heater Does Not Produce Hot Water

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of a failing water heater. If you realize that your water heater is not heating water at all, you need to first rule out issues such as electrical faults and running out of fuel before calling a professional plumbing contractor. But if your water heater has suddenly or gradually stopped heating water, and it is too old, then there is a good chance it will need to be replaced. One of the most likely reasons your water heater might be failing to heat water has to do with damaged heating elements. If this is the case, replacing them might be uneconomical, especially if your water heater is over a decade old. In such a case, your plumbing contractor might advise you to consider a water heater replacement.

Your Water Heater Breaks Down Frequently

Rushing to the bathroom to have a shower one early morning only to realize that your water heater has not been heating water can be extremely frustrating. But of course, your water heater, like any other appliance, will break down from time to time. However, given how frustrating water heater breakdowns can be, you definitely do not want to be dealing with them every few weeks or days. In other words, you do not want to be calling a water heater repair service frequently. Therefore, if you have noticed that your water heater has been breaking down too often, it might be the right time for you to start talking to your plumber about the need for a water heater replacement.

Of course, a new water heater will cost you a significant amount of money, but if you consider the amount of money and time frequent water heater repairs cost you, it makes sense to invest in a replacement water heater. Besides, as long as the water heater installation is done correctly, a new water heater will not break down as often, and therefore, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you will always have to take cold showers from time to time.

You Keep Running Out of Hot Water

Your water heater is essentially supposed to ensure your Bullhead City, AZ, house has a constant supply of hot water. Therefore, if you keep running out of hot water, your water heater is not serving its purpose as expected. This usually happens if the demand for hot water in your house exceeds what your water heater can handle. For instance, if your family is growing and you have more people living in your home, this issue might start occurring more frequently.

Unfortunately, when you run out of hot water, you might be forced to wait for more than half an hour for more hot water to be available. Therefore, running out of hot water too frequently might cause serious inconveniences in your house. To resolve this issue decisively, you will need to consider investing in a replacement water heater. Your water heater replacement expert will guide you in picking a water heater with the capacity to handle the high demand for hot water in your house. Alternatively, you can consider investing in a tankless water heater, which could be more dependable insofar as ensuring a constant supply of hot water in your house is concerned.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that it is not hard for you to determine the right time to start thinking about water heater replacement. If you are looking for a dependable plumber providing professional water heater replacement in or around Bullhead City, AZ, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County is the answer. Call us today for more information about our services.

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