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Although you rarely give it serious thought, the role your plumbing system plays cannot be overlooked. It ensures that the clean water from your utility company’s supply lines gets to where it is needed. The plumbing system also ensures that the wastewater from your Mohave Valley, AZ house is efficiently discharged. However, like any other mechanical system, your plumbing system is not immune to problems that might affect its capacity to serve you as expected. Unfortunately, given the importance of your plumbing system and the serious nature of plumbing issues, most plumbing problems will need to be addressed urgently.

However, most plumbing jobs are too complex and dangerous for the average homeowner. Therefore, unless you are a trained plumber, you should fight the urge to do plumbing jobs on your own. Instead, you need to hire a professional plumbing contractor you can trust to help you handle all your plumbing issues. But when should you call a plumber to your house? Below is a rundown of the most common plumbing issues that should prompt you to make a quick call to your plumber.

A Malfunctioning Water Heater

The importance of having a properly functioning water heater in your house cannot be overemphasized. The water heater ensures that you have a constant supply of hot water in your house. Without it, you would need to perform cleaning tasks with icy water, which is not only ineffective but also uncomfortable. Therefore, if your water heater is broken, you can expect it to cause serious inconveniences in your house. Besides, a faulty water heater can put your family at risk of sustaining serious physical injuries. For instance, if the water coming from your water heater is too hot for some reason, it can leave you with serious burns. A leaking water heater might also create dampness that could promote the growth of mold and consequently compromise your indoor air quality. Therefore, when you notice that your water heater has some anomaly, it is imperative for you to make a quick call to your professional plumber.

Clogged Drains

Your drains have to handle a significant amount of wastewater from your home every day. Unfortunately, some of the solid materials found in the wastewater might be left within the drains. With time, materials such as hair, food particles, greases, fats, and soap scum can combine to create a semi-solid substance that could stick to the walls of your drains and prevent wastewater from flowing out. Unfortunately, this might cause wastewater to back up, fill your sinks, and flood your bathroom. Sometimes, you can try removing such clogs with a plunger, but this solution is usually ineffective and is unlikely to decisively resolve the problem you have. Therefore, when you notice that your drains are getting clogged frequently, you need to call a professional plumber. Professionals have the necessary tools and drain cleaning solutions to remove any drain clogs correctly and leave your drains in perfect condition.

A Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is one of the worst plumbing situations you can run into as a homeowner. Your toilet can get blocked if foreign materials, such as paper and low-quality flushable wipes, get flushed down your toilet. But whatever the cause of the issue might be, a blocked toilet will create a mess you do not want to deal with. When you try to flush it, the toilet bowl will overflow, and wastewater might spill over to your bathroom floor. Therefore, a blocked toilet will essentially make your bathroom unusable. However, trying to unblock the toilet with crude tools, such as wires, might put the toilet at risk of getting damaged. Therefore, when you notice that your toilet is blocked, it is wise for you to make a quick call to your professional plumber. Professionals are equipped with the necessary tools to unblock toilets quickly and safely, meaning you can trust them to get the job done without causing any damage to your toilet.

A Burst Water Pipe

The water in your pipes is always under high pressure. Therefore, if a water pipe bursts for whatever reason, it can release a lot of water within a short time. Unfortunately, this means that if the issue is not resolved quickly, a burst pipe can leave your home flooded. If the affected pipe is carrying wastewater, it might expose your family to pathogens that might leave them seriously ill. However, fixing a burst pipe is not a job you can do on your own unless you are a professional plumbing expert. Therefore, when you notice that you have a burst pipe in your home, you will need to make an emergency call to your professional plumber to get the issue resolved decisively within the shortest time possible.

Leaky Water Pipes and Faucets

These are perhaps the most common plumbing problems in Mohave Valley, AZ homes. Faucets and pipes naturally wear out with time. For instance, due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations, the quality of joints will decline gradually and cause your pipes to leak. Faucets can also leak due to improper use and gradual wear and tear. But whatever the cause might be, nobody wants to have leaks within their plumbing systems. This is because leaks can lead to problems such as increased water bills and structural damage to a home. Therefore, when you notice that you have a leaking pipe or faucet, you need to seek the immediate attention of a professional plumber.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several plumbing issues you can run into as a homeowner. Therefore, you need to have a professional plumber on speed dial. If you are looking for a dependable plumbing contractor to help you handle any plumbing issue in your Mohave Valley, AZ home, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County is your best bet. Feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and plumbing services.

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