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You can ease the stress on the water heater by installing an expansion tank to complement it. If your home was recently built, there is a high chance that you already have an installed expansion tank. This allows for thermal expansion as the water heating unit heats up. The expansion tank relieves the water heater of some pressure as the heated water enters them. Hence, an expansion tank acts as a safety net for the main water tank. An expansion tank protects the water heater in the event of a pressure surge. Do you have one installed at your home? If you haven’t, now might be the time to call a plumber near me in Bullhead City, AZ to install one to protect your heater. Some expansion tanks even have a warranty.

What Is the Role of an Expansion Tank?

Whenever a liquid is heated, it expands. This means that its volume increases. The same happens to the water. When heated, it expands in volume, and the pressure within the water heater tank increases rapidly. If you don’t have an expansion tank installed, the increase in pressure pushes the walls of the main tank. When the water cools down, it contracts, and so does the main tank. That continuous expansion and contraction weaken the tank, drastically reducing the lifespan of your water heater tank.

In closed-loop plumbing systems, the check valves prevent water from flowing back into the main water line. The underlying problem with such a system is that unless a check valve is manually opened, the pressure levels in the water heater will continue to rise. Such an increase in pressure could fatally damage the plumbing system. At worst, it could result in the tank bursting. Fortunately, you can prevent these issues by having a plumber near me install an expansion tank that can accommodate the rising volume of heated water. This means that it will directly reduce the pressure within the water heater. Hence, the water heater can serve you longer.

Benefits of an Expansion Tank

Protects Your Home and Family

As explained above, hot water expands. The increase in volume in a closed system results in a buildup of pressure. The expansion tanks hold the hot water, regulating the pressure in the process. This means that the main water heater tank freed the stress. As a result, you can avoid a catastrophic water heater explosion that could endanger the safety of your home and family when you have a plumber near me install expansion tanks.

Increases the Lifespan of Water Heaters, Plumbing Appliances, and Water Fixtures

Managed increased water pressure and thermal expansion to prevent the joints from leaking, pipes from bursting, and the water heater tank from exploding. Hence, when a plumber near me in Bullhead City, AZ installs expansion tanks, you can use the above appliances and fixtures longer. This means that you’ll save money.

It Helps You Avoid Regulatory Fines

Many boroughs and cities have building codes that require water heater installations to be accompanied by a thermal expansion tank. Otherwise, the property owners will have to pay some fines. Hence, ensure that you consult your plumber near me to know the fines you will likely hit with because you haven’t installed expansion tanks.

Does a Closed Loop Plumbing System Need a Thermal Expansion Tank?

Yes, they do. The closed systems were developed to reduce or prevent the flow back of toxins from the corroded old pipes back to the municipal main water lines. Hence, closed-loop plumbing systems are a significant step toward health safety. Because municipal water mains pump the water out at high pressure, this was another reason to adopt the closed-loop system. Check valves and pressure regulators to ensure that safe water pressure is maintained in your plumbing system. To deal with any excessive water pressure that might accumulate at your home because of the many heating appliances, you must have a plumber near me install an expansion tank.

Should You Worry Regarding Water Pressure in Your House?

Residential plumbing systems have several check valves for safe water pressure. The high water pressure might damage your home’s pipes and fixtures. This causes pipe cracking and other leakage issues that are difficult to detect without the help of a plumber near me. Hidden water leaks can cause bigger problems. It promotes mold growth, ruining wooden structures, furniture, and other housing structures. They can also corrode water pipes, releasing contaminants into your water. Water pipelines in cold climates are highly likely to burst without a water pressure regulator.

How Do You Pick the Right Expansion for Your Water Heater?

You should pick an expansion tank based on your water heater’s average water pressure and size. Fortunately, expansion tank and water heater manufacturers will provide you with a chart that can help you calculate the appropriate size of the expansion tank. You can also seek guidance from your trusted plumber near me in Bullhead City, AZ. They can also tell you the best brand to purchase besides installing and servicing it. However, it is recommended that you go with an expansion tank that has more capacity than recommended.

What Is the Service Life of an Expansion Tank?

No matter how long an expansion tank can last, this depends on your plumbing system and the installation. If your area has nominal water pressure levels with little to no surges, there is a great chance that the tank might serve you for almost a decade. The maintenance you accord your thermal expansion tank will determine how long it will serve you. Hence, have a plumber near me service the expansion tank and check the pressure levels when they come for plumbing maintenance.

Install an Expansion Tank for Your Water Heater

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing expansion tank or install a completely new one, we at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County can help. Contact us today for plumbing service, installation, repair, or replacement.

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