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Do you want that ideal bathtub? A bathroom remodel is the future. But still, to get the results, you’ve got to understand the features that will make that new tub you’re buying the right fit for your home. To help you navigate this whole process, here is a professional plumber’s list of things to consider when installing a new bathtub in your home.

New Tub Weight

If you want to upgrade your tub, don’t forget to look into the weight of the new bathtub. On the same, consider if the floor can handle it without any modifications. Before you can go shopping, it’s best to contact a plumber to help you with the calculations if you need more clarification on the figures.

Installing a bathtub that’s on the heavier side may be taxing for your plumbing contractor because they’ve to ensure your shower floor takes the weight. This is especially true if the tub is to be placed on a higher-story floor. But it’s also true for any bathtub installed on the ground floor.

If you prefer a heavy bathtub, consider talking to your plumber to find out how this will impact the installation process and the final bill before you decide.

Tub Size

There’s no one-size-fits-all bathtub. The size you pick will depend on your space and how or what you intend to use the new tub for. If you’re getting a plumber to fit the bathtub into the existing bathroom space, that’s easy; you only need to choose a tub with similar dimensions.

In most cases, that will mean going for a standard bathtub that measures up to 60 inches long, about 30 to 32 inches wide, and 14 to 18 inches high.

However, if you’re renovating your entire bathroom or constructing a new one, you’ll be a little picky with the bathtub size. Lucky for you, tubs come in many different sizes to suit the needs of every person.

Also, take your time and look at various bathtub size options online to get a feel of what you desire. Plus, ensure you work with your plumber to establish what will help you achieve that dream bathroom you want.

Tub Style

Besides size, bathtubs come in an array of shapes. If your current bathtub isn’t offering you the comfort you crave, you want to pick a shape and slope that suits your needs when purchasing the replacement tub.

Feel free to hop into that display tub to see how it feels. This could also be an opportunity to select a different new tub style, provided you can accommodate any plumbing changes that may be there. From the typical rectangular to oval and round tubs, you’ve options.

The Core Materials

What material do you want for your new bathtub’s core and inner surface? Most tubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass, which helps keep the inside of the tub hollow to reduce its weight. But they aren’t the most durable and sturdy materials around. Again, they don’t offer anything more aesthetic to the table.

Heavier, studier tubs include enamel or metal in their construction. Luxurious modern brands are constructed of concrete or natural stone, which makes them more costly. Nevertheless, if the tub is sturdy, it will resist damage more easily.

Finishing Materials

Consider the outside look of your dream bathtub before hitting the store. Do you want to bring style and beauty to your bathroom? If yes, you don’t have to go for the same appearance as in the tub’s interior.

And you can have your plumber place tiles around the front of the bath, or build an enclosure with stone highlights. But be sure to use high-quality sealant and remember issues like maintenance if you choose such options.

Faucets and Fixtures

When installing your new tub, it may also be the perfect time to upgrade the new tub’s drains, knobs, and faucets. You can take this chance to find bathroom plumbing fixtures that will complement your new style. Brushed metal seems to be gaining popularity because it can easily conceal water stains.

Pipe and Drain Placement

From a plumber‘s perspective, drain and pipe placement are critical when selecting or customizing a new tub. To move a drain is not only difficult but also very expensive. Thus, it’s a wise idea to find a bathtub with a similar drain placement configuration as the old one. Shower head placement is also vital if you have a tub-shower combination.


Bathtub installation is indeed a sizable job. A warranty will add to the confidence that by dealing with it now, you won’t have to worry much about it for the longest time. So, if this is something for you, ensure you find a good warranty for your replacement tub.

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Other Considerations

Lastly, consider the following when choosing your new bath:


Of course, your budget will determine the kind of tub style you choose. For instance, a standard bathtub will be cheaper than an air or whirlpool tub because of its extra features. But it’s important not to forget the installation price because a plumber will charge you based on the job’s complexity.

Safety and Accessibility

Check to see whether your new tub has the necessary grips and rails in place. Also, it’s a wise idea to choose a non-slick bottom to prevent slipping or other accidents while using the tub.

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