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Plumbing emergencies tend to occur anytime, and you never realize how important it is to flush the toilet until you can’t. When these emergencies affect the normal functioning of your home, it is important to call a plumbing company that offers emergency services immediately for assistance. Unlike regular plumbing services, emergency plumbing services quickly fix your plumbing issue.

Let’s discuss what services an emergency plumber offers and how to deal with a plumbing emergency in your residence.

What Does a Plumbing Emergency Consist?

Plumbing emergencies typically restrict the use of fixtures in your home or cause damage to your home. Here are some of the issues a plumbing company offering emergencies can help you solve:


A persistent flooding issue can cause costly damage to your home, from water damage and electrical issues to mold growth. Such an issue cannot be ignored and needs to be addressed immediately. A plumbing service that deals with emergencies will determine the cause of flooding and make the necessary repairs to solve the issue.

Burst Pipes

Unlike a leaking pipe, a burst pipe is likely to pour a lot of water and cause flooding. It requires immediate attention, and an emergency plumber can help resolve the issue.

Sewer Backup

A sewer backup not only causes an inconvenience in your home but is also a health risk. It is one of the most severe plumbing emergencies, and a plumbing company can help figure out the reason for it and solve the problem.

Discolored Water

Brown, yellow, or colored water is unsafe for consumption or use in your home. The issue may be caused by a broken pipe or backup, leading to contamination. A plumbing company needs to evaluate the issue immediately. During this time, you need to discontinue water use for some time.

Clogged Drains

Whether or not a clogged drain needs emergency inspection and resolution varies. If it’s only one drain that is clogged, discontinue the use of that fixture and contact a regular plumbing service. However, if multiple drains are clogged, there’s a much bigger issue, and a plumber who deals with emergencies should be contacted immediately.

Frozen Pipes

During the cold weather, it’s common for a frozen pipe to burst, causing a problem for your whole plumbing system. Always check for frozen pipes if you’re having a water issue in your home, and contact a plumbing company that deals with emergencies if you notice an issue.

Gas Line Leaks

One of the most serious and dangerous plumbing emergencies you can experience is a gas line leak. If you hear a whistling noise or a rotten egg smell in your home, contact a plumber who offers emergency services immediately. As soon as you notice these signs, shut off the gas immediately, leave the house and call the professionals to deal with it.

Water Heater Leaks

If you’re having issues with your water heater, such as the water not heating enough, check the base of your unit to ensure there is no water pooling. If there is water, call an emergency plumber immediately. While it may seem like it isn’t a big issue, water heater issues can cause CO poisoning and other serious problems for your property.

Lack of Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a problem but not quite alarming. However, no water pressure at all is a tell-tale sign of a bigger issue. Remember, the longer you wait or sit with the problem, the worse the issue is likely to get, so contact a plumbing company immediately.

What You Should Look for in Emergency Plumbing Services

During a plumbing emergency, things are pretty fast-paced, and there isn’t much time to vet the company or professional. However, there is a list of things you can do to find a reputable plumbing company that offers quality emergency services 24/7.

  • Contact several plumbing companies: Get in touch with at least three or four emergency plumbing companies before scheduling a service call. Explain the issue, get quotes of the expected cost of repair, and find the best value option.
  • Explain the issue in detail: The better you can explain the plumbing issue to the plumber, the better they can estimate the cost of repair.
  • Check reviews online: While you may be in a rush to get your plumbing emergency sorted, it’s important to double-check the credibility of the plumbing company. You can do this by reading online reviews and customer testimonials.

What are the Pros and Cons of Emergency Plumbing Services?

In a plumbing emergency, an emergency plumber is likely your only solution. If you aren’t sure whether or not to contact a 24-7 plumber, here are a few pros and cons to ponder over:


  • They are always available round the clock to help you deal with any emergencies. You don’t need to wait for regular working hours to contact them.
  • The results of emergency services are prompt. This means you don’t have to wait for the issue to worsen and perhaps pay more to fix it.
  • Emergency plumbers are adaptable and can handle any issue you’re experiencing and your schedule.
  • They’re proficient and knowledgeable. Despite how complex your plumbing problem may be, an emergency plumber is equipped to deal with it.
  • They help you save money. While an emergency plumber costs more than a regular plumber, the money you save on expensive water or gas damage is worthwhile.


Emergency plumbing services cost more than regular plumbing services. This is due to the nature of the service and the convenience it offers.

Keep Your Plumbing System in Great Shape 24/7

With emergency plumbing services, you can keep your plumbing system in great shape. It’s important to know who to call during an emergency. It’s also a great idea to research plumbing services before you have an emergency to deal with. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County is the leading plumbing company near you. Contact us today for any plumbing emergencies or issues you may be facing.

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