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If you’ve ever dealt with a plumbing problem, you know how frustrating and worrisome it can be. Plumbing issues can affect your ability to perform daily household tasks, and you’ll have no idea what’s causing the problem or how much it will cost. It’s not uncommon for multiple issues to exhibit the same symptoms, and you’ll need a plumber to find the cause and make the necessary repair.

If your plumbing system experiences any of the following problems, hire a licensed professional.

Slow Drain

When you run the water, it should flow quickly down the drain. If the water starts draining slowly, you’ll have to change how you do things around the house to prevent the water from overflowing.

A slow drain indicates a minor clog in the drain, and if it isn’t addressed immediately, the clog will get larger and prevent water from draining.

Trying to solve the problem yourself with a liquid drain cleaner may seem like a good idea because you won’t have to worry about a plumbing bill, but this isn’t the best idea. These products contain harsh chemicals designed to break up clogs and can damage the pipes, and you’ll have to pay a lot more to replace the pipe.

A licensed professional has the tools and expertise necessary to eliminate the clog safely before the drain clogs completely.

Clogged Drain

A complete drain clog prevents the water from draining, resulting in standing water in the fixture, so you can’t use it. This is a frustrating problem, and bacteria can form in the standing water, which is a health hazard. Also, if you allow the clog to remain, it can damage the pipes, creating a risk of a plumbing leak.

A licensed plumber will eliminate the clog to restore water flow down the drain so you can use the fixture again. This problem should be addressed immediately, so it’s best to make the call right away.

Clogged Sewer Line

A clogged sewer line is a serious problem and will cause the water in multiple drains to drain slowly. If the issue isn’t addressed immediately, the clog will escalate and eventually cause a complete clog. If this happens, the water and waste will have nowhere to go and will back up into your house, which can be a nightmare. The water and waste can back up into the sink, tub, toilet, or washing machine, resulting in a nasty, smelly, potentially hazardous mess that you’ll have to clean up, so it’s best to hire a licensed professional as soon as the water starts draining slowly.

The plumber will safely eliminate the clog from the sewer line, eliminating the chance of a messy backup.

Brown or Rust-Colored Water

You rely on water to bathe, clean, and cook, so the water coming from the taps in your home must be clean and free of harmful contaminants. If you turn on the water and it comes out brown or rust-colored, you should hire an emergency plumber. The water’s color indicates contamination and won’t be safe to use.

If only the hot water is contaminated, your water heater is likely the problem. A lot of sediment can build up in the tank, especially if the unit isn’t flushed regularly. The hot water in the tank can break down the sediment, contaminating the water. A plumbing tech will try flushing the sediment from the tank, but if the sediment buildup is too severe, you’ll have to replace the unit.

If your water heater is over ten years old, the inside of the tank might be breaking down, causing sediment, deposits, and metal shards to contaminate the water. A licensed plumbing tech cannot fix this, but they can install a new water heater.

If the hot and cold water is contaminated, the problem is with the plumbing system. Pipes can rust and corrode with age, and rust and corrosion will contaminate the water. A licensed professional can locate and replace the affected pipe, ensuring the water coming from the taps will be clean and free of harmful contaminants.

Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe requires an immediate call to a plumber because it will cause significant water damage and mold growth. Plumbing leaks occur when the pipes rust and corrode, a joint becomes loose or disconnected, or the sealant fails. In addition, a clog that’s been in the pipe for a long time will eat away at the pipes, resulting in a leak.

It’s easy to tell if a pipe under the sink leaks because you’ll see a puddle of water when you open the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity. You can also notice a leak behind the wall easily because it will leave water spots on the wall near the leaking pipe. A leak under the house can be more challenging to detect, and if the basement smells musty or the floor is warm or cracked, you should hire a plumber immediately.

A licensed professional will find and replace the leaking pipe before further water damage occurs. Some leaks can be challenging to locate, and the plumber will use leak detection equipment to find the pipe and replace it.

Leaking pipes can cause significant damage and waste a considerable amount of water; therefore, you should call a professional as soon as the pipe leaks.

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