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Like most homeowners in Bullhead City, AZ, you probably don’t think much about what goes down your drains. All the food, hair, soap, and dirt you wash down moves through your drains and into the plumbing system. Over time, these items build up and eventually clog your drains. A drain cleaning service provider will unclog and eliminate all the gunk in your drains.

In this piece, we discuss the importance of drain cleaning services.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning refers to the professional art of clearing the build-up in your drains and around your home. The professional drain cleaner will use various tools and techniques to unblock the drains and clear the mess. These techniques include hydro jetting, cabling, chemicals, and air burst drain cleaning.

While you may opt to clean the drains by yourself, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Not only are you likely to do a substandard job, but you’ll also be exposing yourself to health hazards. A professional drain cleaning service provider is well-equipped to handle any drainage issues and guarantee your health and safety.

Why You Should Get Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning is a service that you need to pay for. Although it may seem more costly than doing it yourself, it also yields many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Improves Your Drainage

Clean, gunk-free drains are integral to a proper plumbing and sewage system. Cleaning the drains allows the free flow of water down the drains. This means no more sewage backup, overflowing sinks or bathtubs, and water contamination.

Prevents Blockages from Worsening

What starts as a minor blockage or slow drain could quickly escalate into much more serious ones. This could wreak havoc on your bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Moreover, the wastewater that backs up into your home exposes you to germs and bacteria. These bacteria could lead to diarrheagenic E. Coli and other diseases.

The longer you wait to get a professional drain cleaning service provider, the worse these blockages become and the more expensive it becomes to unblock them. Your prompt action could save you a lot of trouble and money later.

Prevents Foul Odor from Taking Over Your Home

Blocked drains could introduce foul sewage odor into your home. The smell of sewage isn’t something you’d want lingering in your home. A persistent foul odor can make your home unbearable for you and inhospitable for guests. Save yourself the trouble and embarrassment by hiring a Bullhead City, AZ, drain cleaning service before it gets out of hand.

Helps You Save Money

A drain cleaning service may cost you a few bucks, but they save you a lot more in the long term. As mentioned earlier, ignoring clogged drains could lead to more severe problems later. These problems are costly to repair since they often involve buying new fixtures and fittings. You can avoid these extra costs by getting a professional to clean your drains.

A professional cleaning service also saves you the cost of buying drain-cleaning tools and equipment. Items like hydro jetters and snake cables are pretty costly and won’t be worth investing in. Plus, they require a fair degree of skill and training to use correctly.

Good for Your Health

The clogs in your drains are an excellent culture for different types of mold and bacteria. These organisms pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Mold spores can lead to various respiratory complications, while bacteria could lead to gastrointestinal issues. Professional drain cleaning can help you sidestep these diseases and help safeguard your family’s health.

Can Help Pinpoint Structural Issues

Sometimes the problem has more to do with your structure than the plumbing system. This is especially true if your drains vlog more often than they should. The worst part is that the clogs likely exacerbate the structural issue, leading to an endless debilitating cycle.

Professionals are likely to uncover any structural defects in your home while conducting the cleaning exercise. That way, you can take prompt action and protect the structural integrity of your home.

Telltale Signs It’s Time to Call a Professional Drain Cleaner

If you can’t tell whether you need to clean your drains, here are a few telltale signs that warrant a professional drain cleaning service provider:

Your Sinks Drain Slowly

A slow-draining sink is a sign that your drains are in bad shape. If you notice this, contact a cleaning service provider as soon as possible. You may also notice water gurgling as it moves down the drain. This is also a red flag you shouldn’t overlook.

Foul Odor from the Drains

Does an awful smell come from your kitchen or bathroom drains? If so, it could mean you have a serious drain blockage. A persistent smell could indicate something even worse. Scented candles and air fresheners are expensive and temporary solutions. Your best bet is to call professional drain services to remove the stench permanently.

Your Kitchen and Bathroom Water Backup

Sewage and kitchen backup are other signs that you need to clean your drains. The more your drain clogs, the sewage system overloads and pushes sewage water back up. This also explains the foul sewage smell in clogged drains. It’s not only unsanitary, but it could also lead to serious damage.

Your Toilet Keeps Overflowing

You should be worried if your toilet keeps overflowing. This is a sign that your drains are unable to allow water freely through them when you flush, hence the overflow. Call for a professional drain cleaning service if you notice this with your toilet. They can eliminate whatever is blocking your drains so it doesn’t happen again.

Professional Drain Cleaning Is the Way to Go

Make sure you contact professional drain cleaning services the next time you need to clean your drains. Keep your eyes peeled for the signs mentioned above and arrange for drain cleaning to keep your drains and entire plumbing system in tip-top shape. You can try the DIY route, but it won’t do you much good. So, stick to the pros for the best results.

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County technicians guarantee clean, gunk-free drains in no time. Contact us today for all your drain cleaning needs in Bullhead City, AZ. Your drains are our priority.

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