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We all appreciate a plumbing tip or two but in this article, we’ll share more tips that can help you save money on your plumbing as well as help prevent repairs. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a licensed “plumber near me.”

Save Money with These Tips

Below are a few tips that prevent costly repairs and help you save money with your plumbing. Contact a “plumber near me” if you need plumbing service today. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County can take care of any plumbing repair, installation and maintenance.

Take Care of Your Drains

Are you having problems disposing of your food waste? Why not install a garbage disposal to effectively manage food waste at home? It also prevents you from throwing food waste down the drain. Yes, some homeowners do this. They think throwing a little food down the drain is okay. What they don’t know is that the food waste can actually accumulate and cause a major drain clog. To avoid calling a “plumber near me” for drain repair, learn how to take better care of your drains.

Install strainers to catch food debris or dirt. And when cleaning the drains, make sure you use natural drain cleaners only. Avoid using chemical-based drain cleaners because they aren’t good for your plumbing pipes. They may also harm your pets or children, if you’re not careful with them or when you accidentally mix them up with other chemicals. The safety thing to do is to completely avoid using heavily advertised cleaners and instead use vinegar and baking soda solutions. If you don’t have old pipes, you can also pour boiling hot water down the drain to get rid of food particles stuck in the drain pipes.

Never ignore a slow drain to prevent bigger problems. Instead, use a drain snake to remove whatever is blocking the drain or restricting water flow. If you’re not confident about using them though, contact a “plumber near me” to help you get rid of the drain clog. Better yet, get a professional drain cleaning service so that a licensed “plumber near me” can properly clean your drains.

Install Low-Flow Fixtures

If you have regular faucets, showerheads and toilets, consider switching to low-flow showers and dual-flush toilets. These fixtures use less water, helping you save money in the long run.

For installation of these fixtures though, ensure you only hire a licensed “plumber near me” for the correct installation of your fixtures. Should you decide to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, our plumbers can also help you make informed decisions on which fixtures to install for your home. We’re quite familiar with most brands and our team can properly install them in your homes.

Switch to Tankless Waters

To conserve water and reduce your utility bill, we suggest you consider switching to tankless water heaters. If your water heater is no longer efficient because you get higher bills, or when you’ve been using it for more than 10 years, we encourage you to contact a “plumber near me” to get a water heater inspection. Our team will thoroughly inspect your water heater and advise you to either keep it or get a new one. We will likely ask you to switch to a tankless water heater as it’s the more energy-efficient option.

With a tankless unit, there’s no need to keep running the water heater. You only use electricity or gas when you turn on your faucet or shower. It’s what makes the tankless water heater the best option for homeowners who want to save money. A tankless water heater can also last up to 20 years and you don’t need to allot a bigger space for a tank. You can easily install the tankless water heater on the bathroom wall.

Maintain Your Appliances and Fixtures

Homeowners must get routine plumbing inspections so that a licensed “plumber near me” can inspect their drains, plumbing pipes, sewer, plumbing appliances and fixtures. If there are problems, a plumber can resolve them on the same day. In addition, all homeowners must also take time to take care of their plumbing appliances and fixtures.

When using a new appliance for the first time, make sure you read the manual first to know how to properly use the unit. Get professional installation only to ensure the appliance or fixture is also properly installed. Most importantly, learn how to regularly maintain the unit.

Don’t forget to also check your plumbing from time to time including the water pressure levels. Call a plumber for leak detection service if you have low water pressure and you’re seeing signs of leaks. Buy a water pressure regulator if the water pressure level in your home is more than 60 PSI. You need to regulate your home’s water pressure levels because high water pressure is never good for the pipes. You also waste hundreds of gallons of water when the water pressure is high.

Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County Immediately

If you’re looking for a “plumber near me” to help you repair a broken pipe or install a new water heater, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County is here to help. Our plumbing experts are licensed, experienced and skilled. There’s no plumbing problem we can’t fix. Even if it’s a complex repair, rest assured our plumbers can handle it. We also make it a goal to resolve an issue right away or within the day to keep our customers happy. Most importantly, we offer permanent and cost-effective plumbing solutions. The next time you need the services of a reliable plumber, you can always count on us for help.

Call us today for an appointment and we will quickly send a plumber to your business or home.

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