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Most people don’t think much about the plumbing system that makes up their home. However, lurking deep inside your pipes can be partial blockages that are slowly forming. If you don’t do something about them then eventually they will form full blockages and your pipes will clog. Before you find yourself in this situation, take a minute to learn more about a drain cleaning service, and how you learn to recognize the signs that it may be time for one.

There are a dozen different signs that something may be going on in your plumbing system, but since you cannot visibly see your pipes, it is easy to ignore them and put them out of your mind. When things are working properly, you will never see what is going on underneath your home, but when something goes wrong, and sewage starts to spill out of your sewage system, you will suddenly be very aware of your plumbing system. At that point, you will know you need a drain cleaning service, but the objective should be to get ahead of it.

No one wants to deal with cleaning up sewage out of their kitchen sink or first-floor floor drain. However, when there is a blockage in your pipelines, this is the unfortunate outcome most of the time. To help save you from this fate, the following is a quick look at some of the most common signs you need to call a drain cleaning service. Among everything else, learn to trust your gut instinct and call for help when you think you need it. You will never regret getting help, but you will regret not calling for help ahead of time.

Sewage Odors Are Wafting Through Your Home

Sewage odors belong deep below your home in your sewage drain, but if you have a clogged or obstructed pipeline then the gases are going to get blocked as well. Usually, the gasses are the first thing that comes up your drains, so if you start to smell noxious gases wafting out of your drains, this is your first sign that there is a partial blockage occurring in your sewage line. Usually, you smell these odors coming from the first floor drains of your home since they are the closest to the sewage line. Therefore, if you start to smell sewage odors this is a big sign that you need a drain cleaning service.

Sink Drains Are Slowly Draining

Another sign that it may be time to call a drain cleaning service is if you notice that your drains are starting to drain much slower than normal. Usually, you will notice that water is starting to build up in your drains or is not as quick to drain. For instance, you might notice that water is pooling at the bottom of your drain. This might also be evident in the shower when you stand in water, pooling around your feet. Drains start to drain slowly when there is an obstruction blocking the pipeline. It takes longer for water to flow through your pipes because only a portion of it can get down. Sometimes if this is an issue, you will also notice bubbles gurgling up through your drains. The bubbles are a sign that gas is also stuck in your drains, which can happen when there is a blockage since the wastes provide the perfect space for gas to get stuck. A drain cleaning service can remove this problem completely.

You Notice Insects in Your Drains

Another sign that you need a drain cleaning service is that insects are starting to breed in your drains. If you notice that you have drain flies or fruit flies coming in and out of your pipes, it is probably because the bacteria-infested partial blockage is the perfect home for them. You can dump bleach down your drains, but this will only work for a limited time. A professional drain cleaning service can clear that blockage completely so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Standing Water

Speaking of water building up, standing water is another sign that water cannot get down your drains properly due to a blockage. You might notice that the standing water is left behind in your washing machine or left behind in the bottom of your dishwasher. Not only is this annoying, but it is also probably smelly. While this can be a sign that your appliance needs repair, if you see it happening frequently, it is more likely a sign of a sewage blockage. Keep in mind that water can get stuck anywhere, so you may see this happening in sinks or the shower as well.

Toilet Keeps Clogging

Finally, another sign that you may need to look into toilet clogging is if you are experiencing this issue frequently. It is normal for a toilet to clog on occasion. Everything from a child using too much toilet paper to an adult having a particularly large bowel movement can cause an acute clog. However, if you are dealing with a toilet that clogs on a regular basis, this is a sign that you need to look further into drain cleaning service. They can get to the bottom of why your toilet keeps clogging and help save you from dealing with sewage cleanup.

Do you recognize any of these signs? Are you worried that you have a blockage hiding under your home? Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County to get to the bottom of your issue.

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