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At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County, we prefer an ounce of prevention as the best way to deal with drain clogs. You deserve peace of mind, and our team works hard to make sure your plumbing serves you well, with as few incidents as possible. We use video inspection, preventive drain cleaning service, pipe repairs, and most of all our extensive experience. These help us identify emerging issues in your drains and other plumbing and resolve them on your schedule. It’s one of many reasons why developing an ongoing connection with our plumbers can make your home a better place to live.

Keeping Your Drains Clean Makes Sense

Your home’s drain pipes are selected for optimum flow from sinks, toilets, and showers, but when material accumulates along the insides of those pipes, you’re effectively using smaller pipes. Flow slows down, material gathers and adds to the clogs, and your risk of stopped-up pipes and backups increases. Periodic preventive drain cleaning service for problematic pipes or ideally for your entire house, can help speed liquids and the materials they’re carrying on their way to your sewer line. By cleaning back to the pipe walls, accumulations of grease and other materials clinging there are removed, and material keeps on its way out rather than grabbing onto a convenient clog in progress. By reducing the chance of overflowing sinks and toilets, you avoid costly cleanup as well as urgent drain cleaning service. When a toilet overflows, you’re likely to require sanitation services as well.

Drain Problems Aren’t Always Where You Think They Are

Like traffic on the highway, a blockage in your drain pipes can result in backups elsewhere as well. A surprising example is when a clog deep in your pipes causes flushes to burst forth in a nearby sink or shower drain. Sewer line problems can cause issues anywhere in your drain pipes, most likely in nearby sinks and drains. Your plumbing vent on the roof can be the cause of backups and strange behavior in upstairs sinks and toilets as well! Many homeowners have taken the plunger to a toilet time and again, getting a bit of flow each time, only to call us finally and discover the issue was really elsewhere. Expertise is an important reason to call our drain cleaning service, since our plumbers have seen everything, and know when a simple clog is really more challenging.

A Few Specifics That Help Avoid Sudden Clogs

Since grease is the stuff that helps clogs stick, it’s important not to pour it down your drains, especially toilets and other places where backups could cause costly cleanups and sanitizing. Cat litter turns into cement-like blockages when it clogs your sink and toilet drains. Certain foods like pasta and rice expand to create clogs when they get wet in the P-trap that loops below. Even when the garbage disposal has ground them up, they’re still trouble and it’s much better to drain and throw them out. Using bulky products in the toilet can cause trouble locally or down the line, and if you think it makes sense to flush part-way through a visit, it’s worth the extra water. Using hair filters in your showers can make it much easier to clean them and avoid deeper clogs, and you can also use filters in bathroom sinks. These kinds of clogs are the ones that our drain cleaning service doesn’t prevent, but they’re easy to avoid, making your home nearly clog-free!

We Have The Tools, Techniques, And Experience

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County, we don’t have to guess what’s blocking your pipes, we have video inspection equipment. We also have the right tools for every type of blockage, so we can break up clogs when that’s right, and remove stuck material when that’s a better solution. Though many home bathrooms have plungers handy, if you’ve dropped a plastic item in the toilet, pushing on it just wedges it in tighter. Chemicals would make a mess and also wouldn’t effectively address solid items, while creating a hazardous situation that slows down our plumber’s work. Our drain cleaning service specialists appreciate any information about what may have gone down the drain. They’re also aiming for a one-visit resolution when possible, so they’re thinking beyond just getting some water flowing. They’re also considering whether a deeper clog is the root cause of this and other drain problems.

Older Drain Pipes Have Special Issues

One of the tools we use to clean out drains in our drain cleaning service is hydro jet spray, with thousands of PSI to blast away clogs. It’s even useful in clearing some sewer line issues. Because of that power, when our pipe inspection reveals considerable corrosion or other pipe decay such as polybutylene issues, we’ll focus our efforts on milder approaches to avoid pipe damage. It may also be a time to talk about your home’s plumbing, and whether wisdom dictates pipe replacement or other measures in the near future. Preventive, whole-house drain cleaning service is one of several ways we can help you keep your home’s pipes in top condition, including expert plumbing inspections to keep on top of any issues,

You can trust Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County to arrive promptly and provide expert drain cleaning service. Whether it’s an emergency overflow or a preventive care visit, we want the plumbing in your home to serve you well over the years. Our experienced team has the talent to make that happen. It’s a wise use of your time to call us when you suspect plumbing trouble as well as when things are getting out of hand, since we’ll be on time and work diligently on every visit. Give us a call today for your drain cleaning needs, or any other plumbing issues on your mind!

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