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Sometimes, calling the plumber can’t wait until you find a good plumber near me in Kingman, AZ. There’s water spraying from a pipe, or your toilet is overflowing, maybe a nasty backup in the basement makes you suspect sewer line trouble. That’s why trusted Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County is here for you. You can put our number in your phone, or stick it on your fridge, and have someone to call in emergencies, or just for a faucet repair or toilet fix as well. We provide a full range of plumbing services. In fact, why not give us a test run and get to know your plumber near me in Kingman with a few items off your “to-do” list? This could be a new garbage disposal or bathroom faucet repair.

Emergency Plumber Near Me in My Area

When you get to know our top plumbing team, you’ll have a source for quick emergency plumbing service that you trust to manage the situation and respect your home. When pipe breaks and toilet overflows happen late at night, we know it’s unnerving to have a stranger visit your home. Our company employs only carefully checked and licensed plumbers that we trust, and you can welcome into your Kingman, AZ, home with confidence. Our team is skilled in getting plumbing crises under control with procedures we’ve learned over many years of providing service to homeowners. To avoid emergency plumbing problems, we recommend periodic plumbing inspections to identify problems that are developing. When our plumbers are helping you with a routine repair or inspection visit, ask us to show you where your main water shutoff valve is, so you’ll know how to limit water damage if needed.

Plumber for Repairs and Remodeling

Working with a plumber near me in the remodeling business, you can get feedback on fixtures, designs, pipe sizing, and other factors that affect the style and functionality of your new space. Our team knows what’s popular for kitchen faucets and sinks, bathroom fixtures, and special ADA-friendly features such as raised toilets and touchless faucets. We can make sure that your water supply and wastewater piping is the right size for any significant upgrades, and add plumbing for dual bathroom sinks, basement toilets, and other specialty designs.

Plumbing Inspections to Stay on Top of Pipes and Fixture Conditions

As you get to know the plumber near me in your neighborhood, that’s our team of friendly professionals, we’ll get to know each other and also get to know your plumbing. Do you know how old your water heater is, and what condition the tank is in? What about the anode rod that protects it, and the safety valve? With our area’s hard water, if you don’t have a water softener already we can add one, and also check your pipes for premature corrosion. Leaks often continue for weeks or months without obvious signs, but our plumbers know how to look for subtle signs of trouble, even using our leak detection equipment to screen for hidden leaks. Our thorough plumbing inspections find any issues you should fix right away, and also provide you with a roadmap for future plumbing activities such as water heater replacement, faucet replacement, even repiping. There are many things you can do to manage your plumbing on your own terms!

Water Heater Services

If you have a tank-based water heater, chances are you’ve thought about what happens if it bursts or leaks unexpectedly. Still, many homes have rugs, furniture, and stored paperwork not too far from the water heater or in an adjacent space, and a sudden flood of hot water could be a big problem. Let us help you with water heater inspections and maintenance, extending its lifespan and estimating when it should be replaced. We’ll also check the temperature and pressure relief valve, to make sure it is ready to prevent bursting from pressure buildup, and also to avoid valve malfunctions that cause leaks by themselves. If you’re thinking about moving to a tankless water heater system or need maintenance and repairs for yours, we’d be glad to help. There’s so much our plumber near me in the high desert can do for you!

Leak Detection and Repair

How do you know you have a leak in your pipes, or even where it originated? That’s traditionally a challenging question, and one that often requires digging, cutting through basement concrete, or removing sections of walls or ceilings to visually find the source. Today’s leak detection gear has changed all that. As your well-prepared plumber near me in our beautiful, history city, we can listen for the sound of leaks no matter where they are, and narrow down the source before accessing them.

Garbage Disposals and Dishwashers

Professional installation of dishwashers and garbage disposals can save you a lot of headaches during operation. You may have noticed that when both devices are present, their drains are interconnected. Did you know that, without the right installation components, including something called an air gap, disposal waste can wind up in your dishwasher? The dynamics of your kitchen sink’s drain are a matter for an experienced plumber. The same goes for repairing disposal leaks, jams, and malfunctions, where our safety training can protect your fingers!

A Reliable Plumber Near Me in Kingman

As your plumber near me in the heart of Route 66, we’re ready to respond when you need us, whether it’s an emergency or time to talk about plumbing upgrades and repairs. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mohave County, our plumbers are licensed, insured, and versatile, with experience that helps them diagnose and repair problems quickly. Our vehicles are well-stocked for one-stop care of many common plumbing problems, so you can get on with your day without plumbing issues on your mind. Give us a call and get to know us, we’re friendly, local to Kingman, AZ, and punctual plumbers you can rely on!

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